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"Video, particularly animation, has played a pivotal role in helping our clients make billions of dollars in sales. I started VidMachine to close the gap between creative production and selling. Every video we produce is made with the sole purpose of generating more sales for our clients."

- Byron Torres
CEO @VidMachine 

Video Is What 
We Know


We'll first discuss your product or service to get an understanding of what you want to accomplish.  

Idea and Goals

The VidMachine Team will then come up with the concept, script and visuals for your video. 


Once approved, our animators and video editors will bring your idea to life. 

Production & Delivery

Manhattan Beach, CA

S. Ciancio

WOW! They took my idea and turned it into a selling video masterpiece. 

Pomona, CA

J. Ham

VidMachine should change their name to Selling Machine! I made the right choice. 


We begin with a "sales first" approach to video production because your video should generate sales and ROI not just views.

Video Should Be More Than Just Moving Pictures

Increase Engagement

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An entertaining video will keep people engaged and help you deliver your message.

People who engage with you are more likely to turn into paying customers.

We approach all video production with a "Sales First" thought process.

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Did We Mentions Sales?

Simple to understand entertaining videos will help increase your sales significantly.

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